Sri Lanka Badminton


The Sri Lanka Badminton Association boasts of a rich heritage of the establishment of the sport in Sri Lanka since 1951. Over the passage of time sport itself has evolved with the advancement of technology and equipment. The executive Committee is drawn from the affiliated Badminton Association representing the province and its’ respective region across the country. 

The sport of Badminton has grown rapidly with the increase of competitions, junior Badminton development programs, active development, and competitions conducted in the respective provinces enhanced through generous sponsorship, live tournament telecasts, and social media promotion of the sport especially since 2019 under the renewed leadership of the SLB President elected after a period of interim control under the Ministry of Sport. 

The Influx of sponsorship generated under the new leadership has ignited the revival of popular ranking and other local tournaments opening the doors to find fresh young talent followed up with Senior and Junior pools provided with professional international coaching to uplift and upgrade the standard of the players in Sri Lanka. 

Additionally, the top players were supported to participate in international ranking tournaments to enhance the standard and world ranking of the Sri Lankan top players. 

The new motto of the SLB rebranded the Badminton governing body in Sri Lanka embodies the renewed Vision and Mission as – “Serving for Success” 



To be the most vibrant and popular sport in Sri Lanka aiming to produce players within the top 25 in World Ranking in 04 years - 2026.



Build character & sportsmanship while striving for success in the sport provide equal opportunities nationwide for participation & competition in the sport Nurture players and develop them to international standards compete on world stages & bring glory to our motherland.