Sri Lanka Badminton
  • February 16, 2024
  • SL Badminton
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Further to our earlier notification the Department of Sports Development of the Ministry of Sports has approved the following selection criteria for the above events.

Players will be selected only based on their ranking in singles,

If a Player features in the first hundred positions in BWF / BAC singles rankings for the Senior and Junior category such player will be selected without trials,

Trials will be held for players featuring in position 1-4 in the national ranking list of the relevant age group.

If a player featured in the National Ranking list of a higher age group in positions 1-6 and falls within the age requirement such players will also be considered for trials.

Trials will be played on round robin basis in each group. only 1 and 2 will be selected for the tour.

Accordingly, the following players are invited to play trials commencing 16th February at 9.00 am at MBA courts.

Players should confirm their availability for face trials by Friday the 16th February by 8.00 am and if selected agree to join the tour.

Board and Accommodation is provided free of charge by the event organizer. The Air Fare will be on self-funded basis.

All Players called for trials should provide their Passport Copy.

Ajith Wijayasinghe
Sri Lanka Badminton

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